January 13 - February 19, 2005

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During the month of January, the Rena Bransten Gallery will exhibit a selection of artist who have shown in the gallery since it first opened in 1974. Initially the gallery showed ceramic artists from the Bay Area and elsewhere like Mary Frank, Viola Frey, Dennis Gallagher, Jun Kaneko, and Ron Nagle. The exhibition program was expanded to include work in all media by contemporary artists - painters William T. Wiley and Hung Liu; photographers Candida Höfer, Vik Muniz, Doug Hall, and Henry Wessel, and multimedia artists like Dara Birnbaum, Rebeca Bollinger, Chip Lord, and Fred Wilson. Thematically, exhibitions have reflected a consistent interest in Figuration and the narrative as well as trends in both the national and international art scenes. Artists included in the exhibition are:

Hermann Albert, Robert Arneson, John Bankston,
Rebeca Bollinger, Jim Campbell, Robert Colescott,
Jeanne Dunning, Mary Frank, Viola Frey, Dennis Gallagher,
Rupert Garcia, Doug Hall, Candida Höfer, Oliver Jackson,
Bill Jacobson, Hung Liu, Reagan Louie, George McNeil,
Tracey Moffatt, Martin Mull, Vik Muniz, Ron Nagle,
Joseph Park, Irene Pijoan, Miguel Rio Branco, Salome,
Peter Saul, Paul Seawright, Jim Shaw, Jessica Snow,
John Waters, Henry Wessel, William T. Wiley, Fred Wilson